Diplo Comes Out As Being 'Half Gay,' No One Knows What That Means

By NorbertReilly

Is one of dance music’s biggest stars actually gay? Diplo has hinted at the possibility before, in a 2014 Reddit AMA, Diplo said that “everyone’s a little bit gay” when asked about his sexuality.

@diplo im only half gay too. lets 💗

— FRïDA FRîDA FRīDA (@AngelHaze) June 14, 2016

Now Diplo has taken it one step further by reaching out to the openly-gay rapper Angel Haze. Diplo said “I’m only half gay and I don’t play guitar, let’s hang.” While we’re not quite sure what this means, many are speculating that Diplo might be a bi-sexual, pansexual or what have it? Anyways, congrats to Diplo for possibly coming out of the closet?


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