Dillon Francis Goes Off On Fan That Calls Him A Sellout

Have you ever seen Dillon Francis mad? We’re sure by now you’ve seen the comedic side of him and even his alter-egos such as the deep house producer, DJ Hanzel. Well you may remember the time when a girl spilled her drink on Dillon Francis’ laptop back at Holy Ship! In response, Dillon Francis seemed to have snapped and went off on their careless girl.

This time around, Dillon Francis was not happy when a Facebook fan called him the infamous phrase every musician hates to hear… a sellout. Danny D. wrote “just sell completely out dude. First the shit music lately and now this. Congrats.”

Dillon Francis was not amused. He wrote back by saying “look up the word sellout… I have never once done anything I have never wanted to do thus I cannot be a sellout.. I NEVER BETRAYED MY PERSONAL INTEGRITY! I HAVE NEVER SAID I DIDNT WANT TO BE ON TV AND THEN WAS ON TV. I NEVER SAID I WAS ONLY PRODUCING ONE GENRE OF MUSIC.”

Take a look at Dillon Francis’ complete response to him being called a sellout.
Dillon Francis Goes Off On Fan That Calls Him A Sellout

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