Desiigner Announces Debut Mixtape ‘New English’

It’s that time, folks. Following up the incredible success of his number 1 hit “Panda” many fans have wondered whether Desiigner will fizzle out and become a one-hit wonder, or if his next batch of releases will match the hype.

In an announcement by Def Jam today, Desiigner has officially announced the title of his forthcoming debut mixtape, which will be New English. There’s a listening party taking place in NYC tonight for those who were invited.

There’s no word on when this tape will officially be released, but with the listening party happening tonight, we’d expect to drop sooner than later. As we mentioned before, because of the success he had with “Panda,” there’s certainly a lot riding on this new project.

Will Desiigner come through? Stay tuned for more info surrounding New English.


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