Couple Sees Rezz At Bonnaroo 2017, Loves Her Music So Much They Name Their New Baby After Her

In the wholesome news today we bring you a short and sweet story from social media. Rezz had an explosive year in 2017, which lead her to some seriously high prile festival bookings. One particularly mindblowing set was at Bonnaroo in Tennesse. Many people at the festival were not familiar with the hypnotic music Rezz, but after her insane set many converted over to the cult. One couple in attendance was so impressed with Rezz that they decided to make her stage name part their family forever.

A couple who were so moved by Rezz’s music has named their new baby after the superstar artist. They really went all in on fandom and it is honestly pretty adorable. Baby Rezz also has a musically inclined middle name which is Zepplin. While I cannot see into the future, I have to imagine a baby with the name Rezz Zepplin will no doubt grow up to be one the coolest people all time. Congratulations to the new parents!

Baby Rezz Zeppling