Civil TV: YFN Lucci – ‘Welcome To My Neighborhood’

The city of Atlanta has birthed a ton of superstars over the years, and whether you like it or not, the producers and artists currently coming out of the A are heavily influencing the industry’s sound.

One Atlanta artist in particular that’s caught our attention is the self-made YFN Lucci, who just last month dropped his highly anticipated album Wish Me Well 2, featuring a star-studded lineup. “This one’s going to be much more special then the 1st. Just watch what we do,” says Lucci.

The Civil TV team recently caught up with Lucci in his hometown of Atlanta to explore the depths of his city and learn more about his come up.

The YFN general took us to his childhood home and explained to us what life was like, the influence his mother had on him and his career, and how that lifestyle shaped him into the artist he is today. “My mom is everything to me,” Lucci explains. “She was there when no one else was. I love that woman.”

We also stopped by Lucci’s favorite Jamaican restaurant, the neighborhood where him and his YFN crew hang out, the studio and more.

Take a journey to the streets of Atlanta in our latest “Welcome To My Neighborhood” on #CivilTV below.

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