Check out Rusko’s ‘! Volume 2’ EP Out Today

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Check out Rusko’s ‘! Volume 2’ EP Out Today

16, September 2014by Matthew Grimalda

Check out Rusko’s ‘! Volume 2’ EP Out Today

Rusko, the Don of Dub, is no more. Now, Rusko is the Don of Mind-Blowing, Rip Your Hair Out, Keep Me Wanting More music. Ever since Rusko has released his artist album Songs, or before that with his Everyday EP, Rusko has brought his sound to new, and elevating sounds.

As the pioneer for dubstep into the mainstream, Rusko has seen his sound elevate. Now, is no difference as he releases his newest EP, ! Volume 2. ! Volume 1 featured some incredible new sounds from the veteran pioneer. But today, ! Volume 2 shows a brand new, technical, sound-fusing side that people have never seen nor experience.

With a track like ‘Saxophone Stomp‘, Rusko has combined gritty electronica with massive glitch-hop sounds. ‘Lytah‘ resembles old schools garage tune, with the new and exciting 48-bit sound that has caught the attention of many DJs alike, such as Unicorn Kid and Wave Racer. ‘Fusion Jam‘ showcases jazz-style progressions with electronic fusion to bring a brand new sound to the game.

Rusko just didn’t improve on dance music, he is revolutionizing it. ! Volume 2 is a must have for any fan of music out there. To see the wow and wonder that Rusko has created will amaze all 5 senses.

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