• Dimitri Vegas Has Been Cast in a Horror Movie

    It seems that 2017 is a good year for Dimitri Thivaios from Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike. After being elected as the for the second year in a row, with the love his life in a dreamy celebration. And now, in a completely unexpected announcement, it’s been unveiled that he’s been cast for a new

  • Deadmau5 is Already Picking Colors for His McLaren Senna Hypercar

    It’s safe to say that deadmau5 is known for two things: For his brilliant, life-changing music, and for his love sports cars, as displayed in his multiple with a variety famous personalities. Earlier this year, deadmau5 announced that he had sold his McLaren P1 to pay for his Cube 2.1. However, he isn’t giving up on

  • Tidal To Run Out Of Cash In Six Months

    2017 has been a rough year for music streaming services. With and rumors that it won’t be pritable until 2020, now it’s the turn for another online music platform to enter into the danger zone. You’ve probably guessed right, we are talking about Tidal. Bought by american rapper and businessman Jay-Z in 2015, the company

  • Armin Van Buuren, Steve Aoki and W&W Set To Play In Zero Gravity!

    Dance Music Becomes Weightless Armin van Buuren, Steve Aoki, and W&W rank among some the most popular DJs in the world. Each hold their own claim to fame, especially Armin’s impressive five years as DJ Mag‘s #1 DJ. But these three titans dance music will take a step above the rest in July 2018. But what could

  • New Seven Lions and Kill the Noise Collab On the Horizon

    Seven Lions had a whole lot fans worked up when he announced the tour this year with an epic lineup including Kill the Noise and Tritonal. With only two stops left, we’ve got to wonder whether the group tour meant a new collab between the two would be happening. user nrbadz to the EDM subreddit yesterday,

  • Calvin Harris May Have to Remix a Spice Girls Classic

    Adam Richard Wiles, known pressionally as Calvin Harris, is a Scottish record producer, DJ, singer, and songwriter who is known for his international success within the music industry. Famous for his many original tracks and collaborations, Harris is also famous for his many remixes, including by Florence and the Machine and by The Killers. Now, thanks to

  • Alison Wonderland Assists with Epic LGBTQ Marriage Proposal

    Alison Wonderland is an incredible example strength and independence. Her prominent role as one the few female producers in the electronic dance music industry is one that unfortunately results in her having to prove herself more than a regular DJ would; a regrettable circumstance that most female artists live. Aside from female empowerment,  the beloved musician recently