• EDC Japan Teases Its 2018 Return with New Video

    EDC Japan Releases Teaser Trailer Cue the hype train for EDC Japan. The EDC Japan teaser trailer has arrived and the excitement that comes with it. Electric Daisy Carnival is one the most unique and special music festivals in the entire world. When it meets one the most lively and energetic cities in the world-Tokyo-

  • We Might See An Illenium And Adventure Club Collaboration In The Near Future

    Over the past 5 years, tracks by Adventure Club has been the definition “feels”. Their interesting combination dubstep and passionate vocals has defined their place in the industry. Lately, however, Illenium has been climbing the rafters for the title “King feels” and has built a strong fanbase around his signature sounds. Similar to Adventure Club,

  • Berlin Nightclubs To Receive Taxpayer Money For Improvements

    As the influence electronic music continues to make its way into mainstream culture, nightclubs and festivals have become a huge focus in the political eye. And usually in a negative way. As this article is being written a “” is being held in Miami in an attempt to ban Ultra Music Festival from Bayfront Park. The arguments

  • Movement Will Release Full 2018 Lineup Simultaneously

    As festival-goers, we have become accustomed to lineups being released in phases. The first announcement comes with a few big artists, followed by a second or third phase performers. These phases also usually signal an increase in ticket prices before announcing some the biggest names for the event. But America’s most notable techno festival has

  • Miami Holds Meeting About Effort to Ban Bayfront Park Festivals

    Ultra and music festivals’ lies in the hands city commissioners and residents at today’s City Miami “.” This affair will take place at 1:30 p.m. EST in the Bayfront Park Trust Building-Boardroom, with two or more government ficials present. The Miami Downtown Neighbors Alliance have collected more than 1,154 electronic signatures on their Change.org , over the past six months.

  • Baauer Wants to Sue the FCC for Using Harlem Shake in Parody Video

    The entire world is melting down over the end net neutrality Title II Regulations over the internet, which were originally enacted in 2016. With so much emotionally charged misinformation out there concerning this topic and its ramifications, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai produced a corny video to explain that, in fact, the internet and our access

  • Fedde Le Grand Answers Fans Questions During Reddit AMA

    Yesterday fans had the pleasure being able to ask Fedde Le Grand questions through his AMA on . As most AMA’s go, there were a lot posts that were dedicated to complimenting the artist or sharing stories, but there were also some really good questions that came out it. We see the producer answer what

  • Dimitri Vegas Has Been Cast in a Horror Movie

    It seems that 2017 is a good year for Dimitri Thivaios from Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike. After being elected as the for the second year in a row, with the love his life in a dreamy celebration. And now, in a completely unexpected announcement, it’s been unveiled that he’s been cast for a new