Burning Man Buys 7 New Plots Of Land In Unprecedented Expansion [DETAILS HERE]

The legendary Burning Man festival in Nevada is already one of the biggest festivals in the US, offering thousands of families a unique and transformational experience. And organizers have been looking to expand the festival, recently acquiring the 3,800-acre Fly Ranch and even proposing a Burning Man in the Netherlands in 2017. Their newest move is a deal that gives the festival ownership of seven parcels of land in the nearby city of Gerlach, Nevada, showing that Burning Man really is dedicated to becoming the biggest and the best festival experience around.

The land was sold by local celebrity Giovanni “Bruno” Selmi, who owns a number of the town’s businesses including the city’s only diner, casino, and motel. Festival organizers were able to acquire the land for approximately $170,000, which initially seems like a surprisingly low number given the location’s proximity to Black Rock City. However, Gerlach appears to be a pretty small town so at the end of the day, the number makes sense.

While there is no official word as to what exactly we can expect from Burning Man 2017 and these recent acquisitions, it’s fair to assume that patrons will get to experience an unprecedented festival next year.


[H/T: Magnetic Mag]