Both Creamfields Beijing And EDC Japan Were Plagued With Massive Rainstorms

Creamfields Beijing was scheduled to take place last night but unfortunately, fans got hit with a wave intense weather. While some the acts were able to perform the festival ended up getting called f before the headliners could take the stage. Martin Garrix was one the artists whose set was bumped due to the cancelation. While fans were overall disappointed with the unexpected early ending the festival, some were lucky enough to still attend the after parties.

Creamfields Beijing Canceled Due To Weather Concerns

Martin Garrix took to Instagram later in the night to express his disappointment that his festival set was not able to take place. But he still was able to rage the afterparty! Creamfields Beijing was not the only Asian festival to experience some difficulties with the weather. Alison Wonderland performed at EDC Japan today and had the privilege doing so in a complete downpour! It is the rainy season in East Asia currently so no surprise that it is living up to its name.

Hopefully, Martin will be back to rock Beijing properly soon. Check out both his Instagram post and Alison Wonderlands soaking performance below.