Blinders channels the spirit of Japan on new STMPD RCRDS track “Ōkami”!

The amazing Blinders returns to STMPD RCRDS after he ripped things up with his Snakecharmer track in late 2017 and also delivered a killer remix Martin Garrix’s collaboration with David Guetta, So Far Away. Once again he’s shown his knack for creating cutting-edge dancefloor sounds.

The name and feel the track was inspired by Blinders’ recent trip to Asia. The title means ‘wolf’ in Japanese and you can see why as soon as you take a listen to this wild, fierce track. Dramatic, cinematic Japanese percussion kicks f the track, building into a crazy tribal rhythm. The track then suddenly drops into a high-energy house track, pumping hard and packed with hard-edged riffs. Hip-hop vocal samples make it feel more intense still, with incredible levels production making it a seriously powerful dancefloor track. You can check it out below!