Blac Chyna's Reality TV Plot Pits Tats Versus Piercings

Vixen Blac Chyna is reportedly getting the cameras rolling for her long-awaited reality television show with fiancé Rob Kardashian.

According to reports, cameras spotted Chyna filming one episode’s debacle focusing on tattoos and ear piercings.

Blac Chyna is workin’ it for her new reality show, overdressing for a trip to a Valley tattoo parlor. Chyna and her buds went back and forth … do we get tattoos or ear piercings? The high drama resolved with a couple holes in the ear. (TMZ)


Earlier this month, Chyna confirmed plans to launch a reality TV show based on her pregnancy.

Blac Chyna's Reality TV Plot Pits Tats Versus Piercings

Blac Chyna's Reality TV Plot Pits Tats Versus Piercings

Recently, news about Chyna and Rob landing a new reality TV show surfaced.

It’s official! Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna will star in a new docuseries on E! later this year, the network announced on Wednesday, June 1. The one-hour, six-episode series, which is tentatively titled Rob & Chyna, will follow the engaged couple’s whirlwind romance as they prepare for the birth of their first child together. (Us Magazine)

In a new GQ cover feature, Chyna’s soon-to-be sister-in-law Kim Kardashian spoke on her relationship with Rob.

“We’re all on board. We definitely see that my brother is happy and getting healthy, and whatever gets him to that place, you know, we’re happy for him. Chyna’s a sweet girl, and I think we all have so many things going on in our lives that we just want my brother to be happy. Has there been so many crazy things that happened? Yes. Is the whole situation, you know, just…? I think people want to feel like we’re all beefing and have this crazy fight, and we’re really not. I think the drama naturally follows.” (GQ)

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