Anjuna Fan Compiles Playlist With Nearly EVERY Anjunabeats Release

Above & Beyond‘s label Anjunabeats have been pushing the trance and progressive boundaries for well over 10 years. As a label they’ve eclipsed well over 1,000 (Yes, 1,000!) releases from dozens artists including the likes  Mat Zo, Kyau & Albert, Jason Ross and Above & Beyond themselves.

With that amount releases, it’s easy for some to get swept under the rug. Thankfully for us, an amazing user over on the /r/aboveandbeyond sub-reddit  (SHOUT OUT /u/random_name216) created a Spotify playlist with over 1,300 the Anjunabeats releases. The user said that there was about 40 that he could not find, but with over 1,300 tracks, you have Anjuna heaven.

Listen below!