Andrew Rayel unleashes ‘Dark Resistance’ on inHarmony Music!

Cosmic. Hurtling. Enigmatic. Like the mysterious yet critically important dark matter the cosmos and the even more outlandish dark energy, Andrew Rayel’s music has an inexplicable pull on all who perceive it. Andrew Rayel’s “Dark Resistance” (inHarmony Music) is out now.

The Radio Edit evokes an army galloping horses with its formidable beat. As the ground shakes, the bassline rumbles and quakes under the weight sonic Spartans set f to do battle. The minor-key this track suspends tension in the air as the mood conjures visions riding out into the dark night. Imagine mysterious, ebony-colored horses, their manes fury ablaze against a black night sky. Like wild forest-fires the mind, the horns are insistent and commanding. The energy builds as Rayel drives the beat forward. “Dark Resistance” is a triumph will and a victory for music-lovers throughout the galaxy. The Original Mix adds militant drums to the intro, but it’s the propulsive rhythm that lends the track its weight. With “Dark Resistance,” Andrew Rayel seems to be telling listeners, “Get up! Let’s go! It’s time to move out!” It becomes physically impossible to lay back and relax if this track is being played, such is its careening momentum.

“Dark Resistance” is a joy-ride a tune with a sinister twist.