Andrew Bayer announces new artist album “In My Last Life”

Every visionary artist has a defining work – their personal magnus opus. For the polymath Andrew Bayer, ‘In My Last Life’ might be just that.

Five years in the making, this third LP ‘In My Last Life’ represents a humanising the enigmatic producer’s sound – comprising 8 heartfelt and emotional songs penned and delivered by Norwegian singer/songwriter Ane Brun and the incredible Alison May respectively. It is also, quite simply, his defining work to date.

An artistic statement and a perfectly considered body work, ‘In My Last Life’ owes very little to the dancefloor that Andrew is ten associated with – instead drawing its inspirations from influences as far and wide as Kate Bush, Atoms Of Peace, Aphex Twin and Talk Talk. Through its 8 songs, the LP plots an enchanting, carefully spun tale love and loss – explored through the narrative prisms reincarnation and immortality. The album will be out on August 24th on Anjunadeep! You can pre-order it !