After Tragic Passing Of Anjunabeats Artist, Above & Beyond Share Heart Felt Message Encouraging Fans To Reach Out

After the tragic passing Avicii in April this year, the conversation surrounding the mental health electronic artists was once again reignited. While the discussion about mental health and associated resources is always an important one to have, we have tragically learned once again that conversation alone is not enough.

At the end June, Bill Hamel Fatum tragically passed away. The artist helped touch countless lives through his work with FATUM and Anjunabeats. As fans continue to try and grapple with his untimely death, Paavo from Above & Beyond has taken to social media to remind fans that sometimes only talking about mental health is not enough.

Paavo Above & Beyond Gets Transparent

Above & Beyond have helped me through some the toughest times in my life. The trio artists was instrumental in helping me get back into attending live music when I first got sober. Their music was there when I relapsed many years ago as well. Even now as I continue my journey in recovery A&B holds a special place in my heart.

I say this because the message that Paavo shared on the group’s Instagram this morning hit home harder than ever. In the message, Paavo speaks about the passing his friend Bill and gets transparent about his own struggles with mental health. In the end, he encourages fans to reach out to friends and family and to share the bad as well as the good.

Life can be proundly hard sometimes. We all experience ups and downs. At the end the day though, if we all stick together, we can make it through the bad times and celebrate the good. Rest in Peace Bill, you will on through your music forever. Read Paavo’s full post below, and also find mental health resources.

National Mental Health Resource Website

Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Photo Via Joseph D’Oria For EDM Sauce