Afrojack Creates Track for Final Fantasy XV Trailer

Afrojack continues to show off a new side of his production. With Afrojack continuing to push the limits, Afrojack has just announced that he got to do the music for the new Final Fantasy XV trailer.

With Kygo recently creating theme music for The Sims, Deadmau5 creating music for DOTA 2 & Project Cars, Amon Tobin with Splinter Cell and Trent Reznor with Quake, Afrojack becomes the newest dance music artist to create music for a video game.

The Dutch powerhouse, an avid gamer himself, has decided to create music of his own for the new Final Fantasy XV video game which was put on display at E3, Electronic Entertainment Expo. The explosive remix for this action-packed game is extremely fitting.

FINALLY I get to announce this: I got to do the music for the new #FinalFantasyXV trailer for #E32016 !!!

— Afrojack (@afrojack) June 14, 2016

Check out the new Final Fantasy XV trailer with Afrojack’s song: