50 Cent Has An Opinion On Troy Ave's T.I. Concert Shooting Lawsuit

By BerangariaFranzen

G-Unit boss 50 Cent has shared his thoughts on rap pal Troy Ave reportedly gearing up to sue the New York nightclub where he suffered a gunshot wound.

50 went to Instagram last night (August 10) and suggested Irving Plaza aim to settle rather than start up a full-fledged trial.

50 Cent Has An Opinion On Troy Ave's T.I. Concert Shooting Lawsuit

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Earlier this week, buzz developed about Ave’s unexpected lawsuit.

The lawsuit will allege that Irving Plaza and the concert giant that operates the club, Live Nation, had poor security measures in place and allowed a gun to enter the venue — which ultimately led to the shooting, according to sources familiar with the suit. (PIX 11)

A few weeks ago, 50 hooked up with Troy following a publicized jail release.

50 Cent Has An Opinion On Troy Ave&#039;s T.I. Concert Shooting Lawsuit

Last month, Ave’s mom helped secure a $500,000 bond by putting her New York home up to get him released from jail.

After weeks in custody being held without bail, prosecutors consented to his release on a half million. He’s required to wear an ankle bracelet and cannot leave the city, a request made by Assistant District Attorney Joshua Steinglass and approved by Justice Ronald Zweibel. Collins must also stay away from all concert halls, bars, arenas and other performance venues. (New York Daily News)

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