• Watch Skrillex and the OWSLA Crew Tour Japan

    Whatever you did to ring in 2018, it was probably not as epic as OWSLA‘s Japan takeover. hosted some pretty epic afterparties while Skrillex, Point Point, and Cray took the stage for two nights, in both Tokyo and Kyoto. They filmed a wild video to capture the shows’ essence. Honestly, all the tour videos we’ve seen (which is a lot), this

  • REZZ Surprises Fans With Second Album Announcement

    In 2017, REZZ had stated that she had hoped to for the first part 2018. Instead, she wanted to put that time towards focusing on what she does before anything, producing. That being said, she still plans to take part in various festivals in 2018. This year is looking pretty swell for REZZ. She recently

  • Defqon. 1 Dazzles Once Again with 2018 Q-Dance Aftermovie

    Founded by Q-dance in 2003, Defquon.1 is an annual music festival held in Australia, Chile, and the Netherlands. Showcasing some the world’s best hardstyle, including hard house, hard trance, and hardcore techno, it has truly become one the most well-known and highly anticipated hardstyle events in the EDM community. Last year, the theme was “Victory

  • Why Vinyl Will Never Die, And How To Start Your Own Vinyl Collection

    Vinyl, records, LP’s, 45’s, 12″s, or whatever you want to call them is one the purest forms listening to your music. Despite an explosion in digital and streaming music — including Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Soundcloud, or Tidal — consumers are spending more money on vinyl records, and here is the most surprising them, most the buyers are actually

  • Listen To Avicii's Recently Released Co-Written Single [STREAM]

    There has been a void in the EDM industry since Avicii retired from live performing. However, his production has not skipped a beat. Since dropping Avici(01) a few months back, he made clear to the devout fans that he has not gone anywhere. His production has always been timeless and this EP is no different.

  • Ibiza Making Strides in Banning Apartment and Home Rentals

    Past and present, before EDM was even EDM, Ibiza, Spain has proven itself as the hotbed for electronic dance music talent on an International scale. From the days when American’s were under some sort umbrella believing electronic music was some sort cult, to the days now that has hundreds thousands flushing on and f the

  • Tiësto Opens up About His Biggest Inspiration and More

    Tiësto has been at the center the EDM world since before there was EDM, as one the world’s most prominent trance DJs. A question I have asked myself over and over again, where did a guy that has been such an inspiration and role model to the world’s most well-known DJ/Producers find his inspiration? In