• Flapo Releases Rhythmic Remix Of Tundran's 'Every Wave'

    Miami based producer/dj Flapo just recently dropped a remix Tundrans’ hit track ‘Every Wave.’ Taking a step away from the original to create a whole new flow for the song that is both moving and interesting throughout. The remix is a smooth and elegant composition that presents sounds that are intuitively creative and draw the

  • Alesso Curses Out Fan Due to Twitter Comment

    As time goes by, DJ’s change their music styles to discover what other style works best for them. During these changes, fans usually criticize the new sounds these DJ’s may produce. Recently, on Twitter, a fan caught the attention DJ-Producer, Alesso, that will cause the well-known DJ to become furious. It all began with a

  • Under 2500: Nazariff & Rosé Throne Remix "Close" by So Below

    It’s been awhile since I heard an up and coming artist worthy an “Under 2500” piece, but Nazariff and Rosé Throne bring a unique sound design that deserves respect. In their collaborative remix “Close” by So Below, these two artists blend trap elements with chilling melodic house chimes to create an entirely new sound. The

  • The Lord is back in 2018 with another trap monster!

    Atlanta based producer The Lord is back in 2018 with another top trap tune! This time The Lord remixed “Box” by T-Hood and boy, he did a great job with this one! A mixture trap, and electro sounds, the tune right here is truly an unique auditory experience, featuring a truly unique vibe, dirty and mesmerizing

  • Emerging EDM Sensation The Indiigo Child Drops 1st EP, 'Renegade Voyager'

    Hailing from Newark, New Jersey, The Indiigo Child brings a refreshing style to dance music, with a range electronic synth and hard-hitting beats, that manages to both engage & captivate. With his debut EP ‘Renegade Voyager’, The Indiigo Child delivers a five-track compilation both captivating & eclectic tunes that show the masterful range and production

  • Don Diablo Responds To Fans Who Are Disappointed By His New Sound

    Don Diablo released his third studio album yesterday. While the album’s name is ‘FUTURE’, many fans were surprised by the lack Future House productions on the album. The genre helped Don Diablo become a house hold name for dance music fans, and continues to be one the most accessible genres for many fans who are

  • KSHMR Teases New Alias With Ominous New Video Across Social Medias

    KSHMR is a producer who I will most likely never get tired listening to. While the CA born artist has explored several different genres throughout his career, his mastery production has shined through in each and every track. When someone is that talented, they are able to seamlessly jump between genres and explore new soundscapes.

  • Dirtybird Campout East: A Festival To Remember [Fan Based Review]

    Photo Credit: YourEDM, Tristan Leto Hey All! We decided to do something a bit different for this festival review. We picked one amazing fan to give us an absolute, first hand perspective the Dirtybird Campout East. Our amazing fan, Hur An, has given us a beautiful breakdown this incredible festival, that overcame massive odds a