• A must have festival anthem from Raver Horse for your collection!

    When it comes to festival anthems, there’s no doubt that Raver Horse is always delivering the good stuff. His latest release is called “Nueve” and was released today. This tune has everything you might want, from a superb melodic break theme, that will stay in your head for hours, to an explosive drop part designed

  • Darren Styles & Stonebank Unite for “Sky Is Falling”!

    Darren Styles & Stonebank help Monstercat kick f 2018 with their Happy Hardcore single “Sky Is Falling”. Featuring the enchanting vocals EMEL, this heart-pounding single embodies the roots both Darren Styles & Stonebank while exemplifying the Monstercat: Uncaged ethos. And with this high octane record setting the tone for the rest the Monstercat: Uncaged releases,


    Julian Calor is one Holland’s most talked about wunderkinds; his talents in electronic music far exceeding his 24 years. Possessing a unique sense melody and the ability to craft catchy, yet technically masterful music has propelled him in to the spotlight with no hesitation. Bringing his spellbinding sound to Tiësto’s Musical Freedom imprint, Julian continues

  • Welsh Ravers Return To Their NYE Venue To Help Clean Up Garbage

    Ever wonder what happens after a rave is over? Well, there’s always a handful abandoned jackets left around, some cell phones hidden in nooks, and most importantly, TONS garbage left scattered across the venue. When partying at an event, we never want to lose our spot in the crowd, this ten leads to attendees throwing

  • The Weeknd Just Dropped H&M Following Racist Ad Controversy

    The Weeknd has announced this morning that he will no longer be working with H&M following their deeply fensive ad. The Swedish fast-fashion retailer came under fire on Monday (January 8) for putting a black child in a hoodie with the words “COOLEST MONKEY IN THE JUNGLE” on the front the sweater. The Weeknd tweeted

  • Smoke Season – Wolves

    “Wolves” is a new song by Smoke Season and it has a groovy indie-electronic sound. It’s chill listening that brings together elements from rock, pop and even some hip-hop influence in the beat. The vocalist has a stunning voice and when put with the songwriting, Smoke Season is definitely a project to get into. Check out “Wolves” right