• Gina Turner Arrested On 3 Felony Drug Charges Boarding Holy Ship

    DJ Gina Turner who is best known for her dominance the house scene and eventual marriage to Laidback Luke has been arrested while boarding Holy Ship. Turner was arrested for possession 3 substances, one which being cocaine and the other two being pharmaceuticals for which she did not have a prescription. The artist was arraigned

  • Deadmau5 Teases The "Most Epic Thing He Has Done With His Music"

    Most people go onto an incognito mode through chrome to look at things like porn or other less than wholesome things. I on the other hand use incognito mode almost entirely for the sole reason looking at DJs who have blocked us on Twitter for relatively petty reasons. Luckily I decided to check Deadmau5’s page

  • Trst. – Bitch Boyz

    The San Francisco-based EDM artist, Trst, grabbed out attention with this drop. The song is “Bitch Boyz” and most electronic fans will be able to get into it. This is definitely rooted in classic EDM but it has a forward-thinking 2018 freshness to it. The song moves in waves with builds and drops but also features a

  • SoundCloud Quietly Shrinks Bitrates by 50%

    Without making a peep, online streaming platform SoundCloud swapped out 128kbps for 64kbps and changed its codec from MP3 to Opus. Even though Opus insists that their product is superior to passé MP3 codec, when paired with 64kbps bitrates, you’re looking at the “world’s largest music and audio platform” having a subpar product. SoundCloud keeps digging themselves further and further

  • Spotify Makes History As It Files To Go Public On NYSE But Forgoes IPO

    Going public and over valued IPOs have been a long and hard dilemma for tech companies. Snapchat and Twitter both learned the hard ways as their incredibly overvalued IPOs started f with a boom and dropped quickly in the next weeks, still failing to recover. Both companies continue to struggle, many even posit that Snapchat