• DGTL releases its jam-packed stages for DGTL Amsterdam 2018!

    After releasing their immense line up some weeks ago, DGTL divided their arsenal stellar artists into six stages over two days. DGTL teams up again with Resident Advisor who will be back at the GAIN stage, for a full weekend musical live streams. The GAIN will take its place in the infamous project “Ferrotopia”, by

  • Tech Reviewer MKBHD Tours Deadmau5's New Studio

    Technology guru or Marques Brownlee, recently had the chance to explore Deadmau5‘s state–the-art melodic mecca for the second installment his studio tour series, and stated the short film covering deadmau5’s studio would air sometime in 2018. Originally, the release was planned for 2017, but Linus Tech Tips . “This new series is dedicated to touring other creative people’s hubs

  • Deadmau5 Hints At New Orchestral Project With YouTube Teaser

    Joel Zimmerman aka Deadmau5 started 2018 hinting at a potential orchestral project. As fans might know he teased an orchestral remix to Strobe, however, Zimmerman said it has nothing to do with the remix. Deadmau5 is known for his flamboyant comments and snide remarks on social media outlets, not only his own opinions but also known to

  • Atlantic Records Finds Loophole To Help Save Money

    Recording Producer Eric Dan the Pittsburgh area is accusing Atlantic Records intentionally labeling full length albums as something different, like a “street album” or “commercial mixtape” to avoid having to pay out the full fee to artists and producers. He referred to a project he did with Wiz Khalifa as one example in an interview

  • Tomorrowland Teases 2018 Planaxis Water Theme

    Mark your calendars, ravers. Tomorrowland has ficially released their pre-registration video for the world to see, and the date is coming sooner than one might have thought! As always, everyone absolutely can’t contain their excitement. The anticipation regarding one the world’s most notable and largest music festivals is through the ro. Ever since the very recent release the

  • Rob Swire Confirms Knife Party and Pendulum Music Coming in 2018

    Australian drum and bass band, Pendulum, was founded in 2002 by Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen, and, as you probably know, is the duo behind Knife Party. Over the years, the band has produced an array successful tracks their fans have come to love, such as ‘’, ‘’ and ‘’. Over the years, fans Pendulum and the band