• Alison Wonderland Assists with Epic LGBTQ Marriage Proposal

    Alison Wonderland is an incredible example strength and independence. Her prominent role as one the few female producers in the electronic dance music industry is one that unfortunately results in her having to prove herself more than a regular DJ would; a regrettable circumstance that most female artists live. Aside from female empowerment,  the beloved musician recently


    He’s built a musical empire on DiY ethics, hard work, punk rock drive and lots and lots of cakes. As he prepares to headline the DJ Mag Miami party this month, we investigate whether it’s possible for the Dim Mak man to please the public AND satisfy his deeper creative drive… He’s talking about his


    For all its Hollywood glitz and glamour and bottle service bullshit, Los Angeles still lays claim to a thriving underground bass scene today. You can thank 12th Planet for that. As LA’s native son, 12th Planet, née John Dadzie, is undoubtedly the city’s supreme global bass ambassador. For over a decade now, he’s been slaying

  • Spotify's 15 Most-Streamed Dance Tracks of 2017

    The end the year means a lot things. Cookies, gifts and Top Music Charts. We have been hit with the top 15 most-streamed Spotify Dance Tracks 2017 and are here to share with you the playlist and track list. 2017 proved to be the year The Chainsmokers, represented by 3 infamous tracks on the playlist.

  • Skittles Hits Zedd With Insane Housewarming Gift

    Zedd has grown into one Godfathers the Electronic Music scene. Since bursting on the scene with “The Anthem” in 2010 and international heavyweight track “Clarity” featuring the dreamy vocals Foxes in 2013 (viewed by many as the Modern EDM transition period), Anton has become one the most recognizable names in International Music. Over the past

  • CRWNS Releases Crazy New Remix Of Graves Track 'Meta'

    Rising DJ/producer CRWNS is coming in hot with this one. The track is a remix Graves hit song ‘Meta’ and it is definitely something you do not want to miss. The remix is a quintessential trap banger, the listener is first drawn into the track through a long but flowing intro and then hit hard